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motor installation services

If your garage door has jammed, before thinking of new door installation, it is always important to examine other factor which could be the cause of the problem and if they can fixed at a lower cost get a qualified technician to fix them for you. A garage door may jam or fail to open or close smoothly due to broken spring issues or damage motor in the garage door opener. According to experts in Oakdale garage door repair, a leading garage door repair company in New York, in case of a jammed door, before calling a technician you should try one or all of the following:

  • Ensure that there no physical objects which could be obstructing the door while opening or closing.
  • Ensuring that the sensor at the door opener is not blocked and can receive interrupted signals from the remote control.
  • Check if the door lock is on and unlock if yes. Some garage doors have both remote and manual locks and both should be checked to ensure they are both unlocked.
  • Lastly make certain that the remote control battery are fitted correctly and are operational in addition to the power connections for the motor.

After you ensure all this, the problem could be with motor in which case you should contact us and our garage door repair experts will visit your garage, examine the problem and provide a reliable and cost effective solution.