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As it is the case when buying a new home or any home appliances different people have different preferences and tastes when shopping for a garage door. Their choice for the garage door to install will highly be determined by the taste and like of the individual buyer. However, garage doors are not as easy as buying a new TV set as it determines the security for your garage or your entire home. The cars, tools and other properties stored in the garage are very valuable and you should not risk their safety even for a minute. Your taste and preferences may be the best but if have no technical knowhow about garage doors don’t shop for the garage door on your own because if you get it wrong at first you may end up losing your valuables plus incur more replacement or repair costs. Using a qualified and experienced garage door expert in Oakdale will help you purchase a door that suits your taste and preferences and at the same time guarantee tight security for your home or garage. Technicians at Garage Door Repair Oakdale agree with many residents that the garage door could give the garage a look that attracts more clients but the quality of the door is also important. Car owners today will consider the safety of their cars more than the beauty of the garage therefore quality should always come first. However a good looking garage door that is secure enough spells quality services and will boost sales at your garage.

Oakdale garage door repair offers all types of garage door services including new door installation, upgrading existing garage doors through replacement, motor repairs and new motor installation, replacement of broken spring among other minor repairs. We ensure that our technicians use the latest technology and right tool when fixing your garage door issues. This ensures success and safety whenever we are serving you. After service delivery our friendly and experienced technicians take time to explain to you some tips that will help you take good care of your garage door to avoid damages and injuries. Some of these inspection and maintenance tips include:

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Regular and simple inspection- Even when the garage door is functioning correctly, it is important to check for any abnormality or strange behavior or part. If you suspect a defect, always call Oakdale garage door repair technicians to confirm it and fix it before it causes more damages or injuries. Strange noise from the garage door may be as a result of broken spring, faulty door opener or even un oiled hinges. To detect a broken spring, you can check for gaps in the spring coils and if you note any call a qualified technician immediately. If your door has two springs and one is broken, it is good to replace the two because the other may also be in the process of breaking. It is also good to check the spring balance, loose bolts and nut and any other part of the door.

  • Broken spring prevention- broken spring is one of the most experienced garage door problems with all our cases involving 50% of broken spring issues but some of these cases could be prevented before their occurrence. You should regularly oil the torsion spring to prevent rusting which causes the spring to break. The spring also breaks due to wear and tear as a result of normal garage door use. Minimizing the number of time you open or close the garage door and preventing kids from playing with the door may prolong the spring’s life span. Always check that the spring in use is strong enough to support the weight of the garage door to avoid overloading which causes breaking. It is dangerous to handle the torsion spring and incase of any suspected defect always let a qualified technicians fix the issue. The Garage Door Repair Oakdale technicians should also check and adjust the spring balance accordingly.
  • Lubricating of the moving garage door part- The garage door has many moving parts which need to be lubricated from time to time to minimize friction that causes wear and tear of this part. The motor in the garage door opener, hinges and rollers should be well lubricated to ensure smooth opening and closing of the door.
  • It is also important to clear the garage door path before closing or closing to avoid damages. Remove all obstacles that might obstruct the door when closing. Some doors are heavy and are automatic in a way that they will crash any object on the way while closing causing damages.
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